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Many providers have deployed connectivity solutions designed to enable simple tracking of and communication with various types of fleets and cargo. Sine-Wave’s customizable platform enables you to re-think what is possible in an aviation environment. You now have an opportunity to offer unique levels of service, precise control over decisions and the ability to leverage data producing intelligent automation.

The trends driving this unprecedented shift in thinking include: ubiquitous global communications, rapid continuous reduction in cost, the proliferation of intelligent machines, sensors and devices. The combination has the capability to provide meaningful data and derive meaningful insights. These trends are all accelerating.

The ‘internet of everything’ is coming and it offers significant opportunities for those willing to innovate beyond business as usual. Our business, logistics and technology strategists can help you to create a new roadmap in your space.

Our proven team of experts can help you to:

  • Connect: conceptualize how to bridge the gap between your virtual and physical worlds and show you how smart technology will transform your company at the most strategic levels
  • Capture: work with you to develop solutions on our platform tailored to the distinct needs of your business
  • Create: leverage our partner network to create custom hardware prototypes as necessary
  • Deliver: provide you with a secure, globally available, always on, scalable platform

We have proven capabilities to deliver real-world solutions to the world’s leading aerospace companies and Sine-Wave is their partner of choice for designing, implementing and supporting their Internet of Things. Companies often think in terms of ‘build or buy’ for solutions of this type. Buying means shoehorning your world-class solution into a platform that was designed to solve a narrow set of problems. The learning curve and expense involved with building out a proprietary solution is immense.

Only Sine-Wave offers a build to suit platform that enables customers to connect intelligent assets and data creating ground breaking solutions while operating at the extreme end of reliability, availability and security. We’re available to support you from concept to global roll-out. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you accelerate to market with a fully customized solution to suit your needs.