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Oct 20, 2016 12:17:18 PM

Data Inventions Product Launch

Posted by Julie Kelly


Congratulations to our customer Data Inventions on their successful product launch at September's IMTS conference!   

IMTS, or the International Manufacturing Technology Show, is the single largest manufactoring event in North America. With over 1 million registrations at this year's conference, it proved to be the perfect vehicle for Data Inventions to launch their two new manufacturing apps.

IoT Continues to Drive Innovative Business Solutions 

Data Inventions makes it easier for manufacturers to realize immediate improvements. Today DI is shipping two applications for the "shop floor".  One is an Operator Interface leveraging the IoT to automate data collection on parts produced, scrap and work acvitity - all without the user ever leaving their machine.  The second is an application allowing plant managers real-time visibility to their facility, machines, jobs and actions necessary to keep their shops running efficient.

These insights in turn allow manufacturers to make immediate operational improvements resulting in bottom line profit, improved part quality and greater throughput. 

For more information, please visit their website or view their product press release. 

Congratulations Data Inventions! 


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