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The Challenge

Commercial-Fishing-Fleet-Management-Case-Study-Sine-WaveTechnology to support vessels in the commercial fishing industry had not changed significantly since the advent of radar. Over the past 40 years commercial fishing in the United States has continued to be one of the most active, yet regulated industries. The combination of federal regulations and lack of technology created an opportunity for Faria Watchdog to go-to-market with a solution.

The Solution

Faria Watchdog decided to leverage their expertise in the marine gauge market and offer a product that would revolutionize Vessel Management Systems (VMS). Combining our Platform and Faria's custom hardware, together we produced a product that offered the following:
  • Real time compliance for fisherman, conforming to National Marine Fisheries (NOAA NMFS) standards
  • Automated at sea catch reporting to reduce the need for old “paper and personnel” based gathering
  • 2-way communication between fleet owners and their captains
  • Full forensic support to assist in the event of an accident or when compliance is questioned 
Unique to this solution, Faria combined the best of breed technologies from both Iridium’s satellite network and AT&T’s wireless network to create a custom multi-band communications hardware platform that allows for 2-way communication anywhere on the planet.

In addition to a real time dashboard, Faria leveraged the Sine-Wave Platform utilizing our open APIs to push this data in real time to a number of back-office systems - both to support fleet owners and also to provide data to appropriate federal agencies.

The Results

Together, Sine-Wave and Faria produced a product that provides both fleet owners and agencies real time information about both compliance, but also the activities of their fleets. Not only has this driven out cost but improves operational efficiencies and margins. Leveraging the scalable nature of the Sine-Wave Platform, Faria has been able to grow their business without needing to re-architect their solutions year-on-year.

A true success story already rolled out in all United States fishing waters, Faria is now deploying this solution to international markets.