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The Internet of Things Solution

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The premier Internet of Things platform to rapidly develop and deploy high-performance, branded remote asset management solutions for enterprise companies.
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Sine-Wave software

Sine-Wave-CycleHow Does it Work?

Creating the Internet of Things involves collecting events and data from remote devices over one or more networks. Custom business logic is applied to this data creating events and actions which react - providing meaningful information to operators and users via an application. This ecosystem of smart assets, the transformation of data from these assets into intelligent actions and decisions - create your private Internet of Things.

The Sine-Wave Platform is a hosted set of APIs that allow you to build, deploy and manage your application. Our platform is truly open, hardware and network agnostic. It allows you to deploy smart devices from any vendor or even custom devices that you’ve built yourself. It allows you to work with any network infrastructure on the planet - satellite, LTE, CDMA, wireless, wired, etc. It allows your application to be developed in any modern computing language using our modern APIs.

Scaling for the Future

Every company knows that deploying a successful application typically results in “growing pains” due to scalability issues. A key feature of our technology is the ability for developers to write their application once and the Sine-Wave platform will automatically take care of all issues related to scaling up and out as you grow. No need to re-engineer your application at growth milestones.

Hosting & Redundancy

 Our Cloud hosted infrastructure provides a carrier grade hosting platform to deliver your application. The combination of Sine-Wave software and a fault tolerant hardware recipe facilitates redundancy, failover and scaling without any changes to your code base. Uptime guarantees in our SLA back up our claims to ensure your application is always running. 

A large portion of our R&D budget is spent exploring ways to improve performance, without requiring customers to modify or migrate their existing applications. In many cases this can mean increased throughput or reduction of latency that would otherwise not be achievable.


Our focus is to deliver the highest performance, most scalable Internet of Things platform that is hardware and network agnostic. The Sine-Wave Platform is available with simple "pay as you grow" licensing to further reduce the up-front investment required to build your product. Our licensing model is simple. You pay for what you use. That’s it!

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