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Standards Based

Our platform was designed from the ground up to support the wide array of technologies enterprise customers use - from the bleeding edge to legacy systems. From the start, we have leveraged the best in open source technologies to build the Sine-Wave Platform allowing our customers to build applications using technologies they are already familiar with. Whether creating a digital dashboard in HTML5 and JavaScript, native iOS Cocoa app or a Microsoft .NET web-based system, we already support what your developers know.

FrontEnd API

Our front-end API is available via modern JavaScript/HTTP Servlet interface that Web 2.0 developers will be readily familiar with. In addition, we continue to tune our interface to work with many of the leading edge JavaScript frameworks developers are using today. 

BackEnd API

Smart hardware and sensors are connected to the Sine-Wave Platform using our Device Adapter Framework written in Java or .NET. This API framework provides all necessary interfaces to connect with the Transaction, Event, State and Trigger subsystems - an infrastructure to deploy your application's business logic.


Legacy software is a fact of life, especially in the enterprise. Most organizations, no matter how large, have software platforms that make up their back office. These likely were deployed before many of the technologies we have come to expect today existed. As a result, the Sine-Wave Platform contains a module known as the Business Adapter Framework. This Framework provides a set of tools and APIs designed to integrate with legacy technologies that may not have modern APIs. You can keep the technology you have in place today, yet benefit from the intelligence that the Sine-Wave Internet of Things Platform provides.