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The Challenge

ArgonST, a Boeing Company, and a global leader in complex sensors and networks was tasked to create an underground mining safety system for one of their premier customers who deliver solutions to the mining industry. The mining industry is faced with many challenges due to the inherent dangers of underground excavation. They approached Sine-Wave looking for a partner to provide a software platform for real-time communication and connectivity to a proprietary mesh network technology they had developed.

The goal was to produce a safety system to monitor and support underground mining operations; existing systems were either too simple (i.e. phone line) or overly complex and expensive, inhibiting deployment, and providing little-to-no support in event of an accident. Given the dangerous nature of the mining work environment and the strict regulations placed on the industry, the solution would have to comply with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations. Yet the product needed to allow for simple deployment to truly be a groundbreaking solution - increasing miner safety and changing daily operations for the better.

The Solution

Sine-Wave worked closely with Boeing to build and test an end-to-end Miner Safety System on our Platform. Boeing developed a unique mesh network topology to facilitate communication in the harsh mining environment. Combining this with Sine-Wave’s Platform to manage traffic, we produced a modern Web 2.0 browser-based application which facilitated communication with miners, machines and operators. This software permits mining operations to see a real-time view of all activities underground, including support of custom maps at each mining operation.

Due to regulatory requirements, this comprehensive product took full advantage of Sine-Wave’s forensic technology. This technology provides a “snapshot in time” should there be an accident or critical event giving insight into miner location at any moment in time. Operators and investigators now have the ability to roll back the entire ecosystem of their mine operation to any point in time and gather critical data related to the operation at that moment.

The Results

This product has revolutionized both mining safety and also day-to-day at the mine. What started as a safety system, has quickly turned into an operating platform covering all aspect of the mining operation. Currently deployed across mines throughout the United States this project is moving to it’s next phase with international deployment in progress.